The Complete Custom Content Service for Your Church

From Series designs to social media content, Sermon Clips is the complete custom solution for your busy team. 

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You want to leverage social
but here's the reality:

The content system to serve more people each week

This is more than creating graphics and editing videos. Sermon Clips is about creating more opportunities for life changing decisions each and every week. From the parking lot to the social feeds we’re helping churches capture attention everywhere. 

Sermon Clips for your church

Why Sermon Clips?

As of 2023, the major social media platforms are prioritizing short-form video content. As churches, we are uniquely positioned because we deliver sermons every week of the year.

With Sermon Clips, we share snippets of those sermons with a much larger audience, reaching your city and beyond. 

  • We download, edit, watch, and caption your clips
  • We export smaller segments for youtube
  • We design a quote graphic for social media
  • We send you your content by Tuesday morning

How the Sermon Clips
Subscription Works?

1. We Download Your Sunday Sermons

Every Sunday our team pulls your sermon video directly from Youtube for you. If your service is not on Youtube, you'll receive a simple form in your inbox to fill out.

2. We Watch & Edit Your Sermon

Your Sermon Clips editor watches and edits your Sermons and transforms them into bit-size pieces. All clip selections are done by a real human being.

3. We Create Social Post With Captions

We draft up your social post for the week and send it over for approval. Once post are approved, we post them to your social accounts.

Here's what you get with Sermon Clips

Envision a year from now, where your church thrives with captivating content and a social media strategy that actually reaches people. Your engaged members actively participate online, while a continuous flow of eager new faces awaits your inspiring in-person services. The best part? You don’t have to try to hire more full time staff or burn out your existing team… This is the transformative power of Sermon Clips. We are more than an unlimited video and graphics service; we are your dedicated partner in spreading your message far and wide. From creating beautiful designs to crafting compelling content we will be the fuel behind your entire content strategy. With Sermon Clips, you can focus on what you do best – leading your congregation and making a lasting impact – while we take care of your digital ministry. Join us today, and together, let’s create an unforgettable in person and online experience for your church.

  • A dedicated content specialist
  • Weekly social post
  • We watch, select, edit, and add captions to your sermon clips
  • Unlimited revisions

The Sermon Clips
Unlimited Media Framework

Unlimited Graphics

$799/Per Month

  • Dedicated design team
  • 24hr turn around times
  • Unlimited design projects
  • One project at a time
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Unlimited Video

$1299/Per Month

  • Dedicated video editor
  • 3 Automatic Sermon Clips a week
  • Unlimited video projects
  • One video project at a time
  • 48hr turn around times
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Ultimited Media Combo

$1999/Per Month

  • All media included
  • Dedicated content team
  • Unlimited projects
  • Faster & same day turnaround times
  • We make 4 post a week for you
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Q. What is Sermon Clips?

Sermon Clips is a complete content creation system for churches. With our service, churches can easily receive beautiful custom designs, dynamic social media videos, and engaging video assets each and every week. 

What's the deal with Sermon Clips? How does it work?

At Sermon Clips, we've got you covered! We take what your church does in-person and bring it to life online. Our team creates beautiful graphics and high-quality content that's tailor-made just for your church all while delivering consitent Sermon Clips videos each week.

We pull your Sunday message straight from youtube or your storage drive and transform those videos into bit size clips each week.
Sermon clips are delivered no later than Tuesday 10am est each week.

Note: Timeline of sermon clips aren't affected by other active video projects.

Why is social media important for a church?

We believe that coial media is no longer a tool to promote your ministry, but rather it's a mission filled to do ministry. 

Let's face it, before someone takes the steps to join you in person, they'l first meet with you online.

Ministries have the opportunity today to reach thousand of people within a day of making a Sermon Clip post.