Design and Digital Strategy Consultation for Transformative Worship and Prayer Event.

Our portfolio showcases our expertise in providing design services and strategic digital consultation for events aimed at creating transformative worship and prayer experiences.

One notable project in our portfolio involves collaborating with Sara Conner and Real Talk Kim to design and consult on their digital strategy for promoting an exceptional worship and prayer event.

Our Approach:


  1. Creative Design Solutions:

    • Leveraging our design expertise, we created visually captivating graphics, including promotional materials, social media assets, and email newsletters.
    • Our designs effectively conveyed the transformative nature of the event and captured the attention of the target audience.
  2. Strategic Digital Consultation:

    • Through strategic digital consultation, we analyzed the event’s goals and target audience to develop a comprehensive digital marketing plan.
    • We advised on effective promotional strategies, content creation, and online engagement techniques to maximize reach and engagement.

  1. Compelling Visual Identity:

    • Our creative designs established a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity for the event, enhancing its recognition and capturing the essence of the transformative worship and prayer experience.
  2. Effective Digital Promotion:

    • The strategic digital consultation resulted in a well-executed digital marketing plan, ensuring effective promotion of the event across various online platforms.
    • Our recommendations on content creation and engagement techniques helped generate buzz, reaching a wider audience and driving attendance.
  3. Increased Event Awareness:

    • The combination of compelling designs and strategic digital promotion significantly increased awareness of the worship and prayer event.
    • The event gained traction online, generating interest and anticipation among the target audience, leading to increased attendance and participation.

Through our design services and digital strategy consultation, we successfully supported Sara Conner and Real Talk Kim in promoting their transformative worship and prayer event, amplifying its impact and connecting individuals to the supernatural in a profound way.

Revive your ministry

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Revive your ministry

Reach your city

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