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Get your very own team of three to handle all your church's custom content every month.

We'll handle all your unlimited custom video and design request every month

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Get More Done with Less Effort – Without Burning Out Your Team

Here's what you get
through our 3-in-1 model

Let’s be real – you know your church needs a lot of high-quality content to keep your congregation engaged, but your team is either exhausted, overworked, or just can’t keep up, leading to inconsistent or nonexistent output. By partnering with Sermon Clips, you get a consistent, dedicated team of three professionals who will handle all your graphic and video needs. This means you can stop stressing about content creation and focus on your ministry while we ensure you have a steady stream of engaging, top-notch content.

Communication Specialist

This includes:

  • Quarterly Comms Strategy
  • Monthly Project Review
  • Weekly Project Management
  • Daily Project Updates
No credit card required*

Graphic Designer

This includes:

  • Sermon Series
  • Announcement Screens
  • Print & Promotional Materials
  • Social Media Designs
No credit card required*

Video Editor

This includes:

  • Sermon Bumpers
  • Recap Videos
  • Sermon Clips
  • Full Length sermon editing
No credit card required*

This package is a game-changer for ministries

For less than the cost of a single staff member, our 3-in-1 model gives your ministry everything it needs to thrive:

  1. Content Strategy: We don’t just create content; we partner with you to develop and execute a strategy that reaches and resonates with your audience.
  2. Unlimited Video Services: Engage your congregation with high-quality video content tailored to your needs.
  3. Graphic Design Excellence: From social media graphics to print materials, we ensure your visual presence is stunning and professional.

The Sermon Clips
Unlimited Media Framework

Unlimited Graphics

$1000/Per Month

  • Communication Specialist
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Editor
  • Unlimited Request
Get Your Team of 3 Today

Q. What is Sermon Clips?

Sermon Clips is a complete content creation system for churches. With our service, churches can easily receive beautiful custom designs, dynamic social media videos, and engaging video assets each and every week. 

What's the deal with Sermon Clips? How does it work?

At Sermon Clips, we've got you covered! We take what your church does in-person and bring it to life online. Our team creates beautiful graphics and high-quality content that's tailor-made just for your church all while delivering consitent Sermon Clips videos each week.

We pull your Sunday message straight from youtube or your storage drive and transform those videos into bit size clips each week.
Sermon clips are delivered no later than Tuesday 10am est each week.

Note: Timeline of sermon clips aren't affected by other active video projects.

Why is social media important for a church?

We believe that coial media is no longer a tool to promote your ministry, but rather it's a mission filled to do ministry. 

Let's face it, before someone takes the steps to join you in person, they'l first meet with you online.

Ministries have the opportunity today to reach thousand of people within a day of making a Sermon Clip post.